CERT Adding Support for Sepolia ETH Testnet and Sunsetting Goerli

Release Date

Friday, March 15, 2024

Release Type

Action Required – Your platform will be required to recreate wallets and deposit addresses on CERT after the Goerli ETH testnet is changed to Sepolia ETH. PROD is not impacted.


The Ethereum Dencun update went live on March 13, 2024, marking the beginning of the one-month countdown to the sunset of the Goerli ETH Testnet. Some tools have already ended support for the network, such as certain block explorers.

The Ethereum Foundation recommends projects migrate to the Sepolia test network for most use-cases. Zero Hash plans to point the CERT environment to this test network on Thursday, March 21, 2024. PROD is not impacted and will be available during this time.

Sepolia Testnet

Ethereum has moved to a model where an older testnet will sunset and a new one will be added every two years. Goerli is being sunsetted in April 2024, and Sepolia is now the recommended ETH testnet, which itself will sunset sometime in 2026. Holesky is a longer-term testnet planned to sunset in 2028.

Despite the shorter lifespan, Zero Hash will move to Sepolia to support a majority of testnet assets, including Circle’s USDC, which are only supported on Sepolia. Options are also being considered to support multiple testnets simultaneously for future transitions.

Cutover Schedule

Zero Hash will open a maintenance window on Thursday, March 21st at 10am ET for CERT to have approximately one hour of downtime. After the maintenance window, using ETH blockchain assets in the CERT environment will point to the Sepolia network.

After the cutover, no prior Goerli balances, transactions, or deposit addresses will be available through Zero Hash systems.

Impacted Assets

Any tokens on the ETH blockchain, including Level 2 Ethereum chains, will be impacted. This change does not impact PROD, and the maintenance window will only apply to CERT. Impacted CERT assets include:

  • ETH base token
  • ERC20 Assets
    • Assets ending in .ETH such as USDC.ETH and ENJ.ETH
  • Ethereum Level 2 networks like ETH.Arbitrum


You should prepare a plan to recreate deposit addresses for CERT ETH/ERC20/ETH L2 wallets once the CERT environment is brought online after the maintenance window. Sepolia faucets can be used to add free testnet funds to those wallet addresses.

Endpoints Impacted

Any CERT endpoint where a digital asset symbol like “ETH” or “USDC.ETH” is input will be impacted (for example /withdrawals/, /convert_withdraw/, and /deposits/digital_asset_addresses). Prior Goerli balances will not carry over, so new deposit addresses will need to be created, and Sepolia faucets may need to be used to replenish the testnet assets to those wallets.

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