CERT Support for Sepolia ETH

Release Date

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Release Type

Action Required – Please recreate wallets and deposit addresses on CERT now that the Goerli ETH testnet is changed to Sepolia ETH and balances may have reset to 0. PROD is not impacted.


Zero Hash has updated the CERT environment to use the Sepolia ETH testnet and removed Goerli support. Balances for ETH and ERC20 tokens in CERT will reset to zero. Below are some provided faucets to top up balances of Sepolia ETH and some tokens.

Impacted Assets

Please refer to the Assets FAQ to see the latest assets with CERT support. Some ERC20 tokens that previously had older testnet support now have CERT support, while others do not. Balances for ETH and ERC20 tokens will reset because they will now point to a different test network.

Removed CERT testnet support:


The Assets FAQ will be updated if additional testnet contracts for ERC20 tokens are found as they are deployed to Sepolia.

List of ERC20 Token Contracts and Faucets

Sepolia ETH Faucets:

ERC20 Sepolia Faucets:


CERT Sepolia Token Contracts:

  • AAVE.ETH: 0x88541670E55cC00bEEFD87eB59EDd1b7C511AC9a
  • LINK.ETH: 0x779877A7B0D9E8603169DdbD7836e478b4624789
  • DAI.ETH: 0xFF34B3d4Aee8ddCd6F9AFFFB6Fe49bD371b8a357
  • KNC.ETH: 0xD701e3e1A327d13564ba072e6C0806129Fea4671
  • MATIC.ETH: 0x3fd0A53F4Bf853985a95F4Eb3F9C9FDE1F8e2b53
  • SHIB.ETH: 0x9f885f12cb3179817324839a035288b0d74d24fa
  • UNI.ETH: 0x1f9840a85d5aF5bf1D1762F925BDADdC4201F984
  • USDC.ARBITRUM: 0x75faf114eafb1BDbe2F0316DF893fd58CE46AA4d
  • USDC.BASE: 0x036CbD53842c5426634e7929541eC2318f3dCF7e
  • USDC.ETH: 0x1c7D4B196Cb0C7B01d743Fbc6116a902379C7238
  • USDC.OPTIMISM: 0x5fd84259d66Cd46123540766Be93DFE6D43130D7
  • USDC.Polygon: 0x41e94eb019c0762f9bfcf9fb1e58725bfb0e7582
  • USDP.ETH: 0x513421d7fb6A74AE51f3812826Aa2Db99a68F2C9
  • USDT.ETH: 0xaA8E23Fb1079EA71e0a56F48a2aA51851D8433D0
  • WBTC.ETH: 0x29f2D40B0605204364af54EC677bD022dA425d03
  • WETH.ETH: 0xfFf9976782d46CC05630D1f6eBAb18b2324d6B14

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