Destination Tag Support for Convert Withdraw

Release Information

Enabling Destination-Tag Specification for Convert-Withdraw Product

Release Date

March 27, 2023

Release Type

Informational – Optional action from platforms.


Platforms can now specify a destination-tag when using the Convert-Withdraw product with tag-based assets (XRP, XLM, HBAR, etc.). This new optional feature provides more flexibility for platforms.

Action Required

  • Platforms interested in using the new feature should work with Zero Hash support if they are not already utilizing the Convert-Withdraw product.
  • Platforms already enabled with Convert-Withdraw should ensure they are enabled for any tag-based assets they wish to support, if not already configured.

Endpoints Impacted

  • GET /convert_withdraw/rfq: Platforms should refer to the API docs to see how to build a request using a destination-tag.
  • This will not affect the POST /convert_withdraw/execute request.

Relevant Documentation

  • OpenAPI Spec
  • Further documentation may be provided in the future.