Enhanced KYC requirements (updated deadline)

Release Information

  • Prod Release Date: April 26, 2023
  • Platform Implementation Requirement Deadline: September 5, 2023 (updated from Aug 1, 2023)

Release Type

Actionable – Updates required for platforms

Breaking – If updates are not made by September 5, 2023 (updated from Aug 1, 2023), newly submitted participants will be declined. There will be no further extensions to this deadline.


Zero Hash has updated their minimum order settings on the CLOB to $1.00. Prior to this release, the minimum order size was $0.01. The quantity and price precisions (tick size) have not changed.

Existing Data Update

Platforms will be required to pass new participant KYC elements as their own, normalized fields, rather than as <metadata>. This enables field validation and further KYC services to be provided by Zero Hash.

New Data Collection

As of Aug 1, 2023, platforms will be required to submit at least one new field for submitting new participants – <citizenship> – and, conditionally, <tax_id>.

Action Required

  • Existing data update: Update participant KYC elements as individual data elements.
  • New data collection: Submit at least one new field for citizenship and conditionally submit tax ID.

Endpoints Impacted

  • POST /participants/customers/new
  • POST /participants/entity/new (tax ID and citizenship only)
  • PATCH /participants/customers/:participantCode (used if tax ID is missing where citizenship = "United States")
  • POST /participants/customers/promote_minor

Relevant Documentation

Zero Hash has updated Participants API documentation to reflect the above.