ExecInst, Liquidate Positions

Release date

  • June 19th, 2023

Release type

  • Informational – No action or changes necessary from platforms.


Zero Hash has updated their FIX API to include additional tags in new order single messages. This feature enables clients to close out all of their positions to liquidate their account balances. The liquidate balances feature bypasses any trade minimums defined by clients. To send a liquidation order for a participant, pass the tag ExecInst 18=c on new order entry messages. Orders that are supported in liquidating orders are Market to Limit orders only on the Sell side.

Endpoints impacted

  • On the FIX API, the following endpoints are impacted, the change being available in both Cert and Production environments:
    • New Order - Single (D)
    • ExecInst <18>

Relevant documentation

  • Additional CLOB information available here