Zero Hash Launches Bitcoin Withdrawals on the Lightning Network

Release Details

  • Release Date: May 29, 2024

Release Type

Informational – Optional action from platforms


Zero Hash is pleased to announce support an additional options to send Bitcoin. BTC withdrawals can now be sent either on the L1 or L2 Lightning Network by submitting a valid destination address or invoice.

Note that Lightning Network withdrawals are NOT allowed for New York participants at this time.

Action Required

BTC withdrawals on the Lightning Network testnet are immediately available to all platforms in the certification (CERT) environment.

Please reach out to your Zero Hash team to will enable this functionality for your platform in the production (PROD) environment.

Endpoints Impacted

There are no changes to existing endpoints as a result of this launch, however a Lightning Network invoice will need to be input instead of an L1 destination address.

The asset symbol used for these transactions is still BTC however the destination address format will determine the network used.

Relevant Documentation

Please see the full Lightning Network Testing Guide to enabling withdrawals and additional functionality on this network: