Maximum and Minimum Quote Notional on RFQ

Release Details

  • Release Date: Nov 27th, 2023
  • Release Type: Informational – Optional action from platforms.


Zero Hash is enforcing Maximum and Minimum thresholds on our RFQ system. We have set our Maximum limit of 500,000 USD and a Minimum of 0.01 USD per quote. We have updated our error responses returned to Platforms if they are in breach of our Maximum or Minimum thresholds. If a Platform wishes to adjust this maximum, please email [email protected].

Action Required

Platforms must be prepared to handle the new status 400 error that is returned when a RFQ Maximum or Minimum has been breached.

Sample Response - Maximum limit breached

    "errors": [
        "unable to obtain quote, above maximum quote notional"


Sample Response - Minimum limit breached

    "errors": [
        "unable to obtain quote, below minimum quote notional"

Endpoints Impacted

  • Liquidity
    • GET /liquidity/rfq
    • GET /convert_withdraw/rfq
  • POST /rewards
  • POST /awards