Participants added fields for enhanced due diligence (EDD)

Release Details

  • Release Date: Dec 5, 2023
  • Release Type: Informational – No immediate action required from platforms


The Zero Hash compliance team consistently monitors network risk. At times, platform customers may undergo enhanced due diligence (EDD) to authenticate the identity and/or transactional activity of the customer. Platforms may be asked to submit additional details about the end customer to Zero Hash for review via PATCH /participants/customers/:participantCode.

Zero Hash has added new fields to the participants database to accommodate EDD instances.

Action Required

No immediate action required from platforms.

Zero Hash contacts platforms directly if EDD information is required for submission.

Endpoints Impacted

  • PATCH /participants/customers/:participantCode – If EDD information is requested by the Zero Hash compliance team, it must be submitted to the PATCH endpoint. Note: You must also include <platform_updated_at> as per the PATCH endpoint guidelines.

  • POST /participants/customers/new – Platforms are not yet expected to pass EDD information when creating a participant; however as these fields (employment_status, industry, source_of_funds) are now a part of the Zero Hash participants database, platforms can expect to see the new fields included in the POST response with a null or unknown designation.

Please see the PATCH documentation for implementation guidelines.

Related Documentation

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