Transaction Fees

Release Details

  • Release Date: Dec 5, 2023
  • Release Type: Informational – Optional action from platforms


We have released the Transaction Fees feature to Production. Platforms configured to use this feature of the Convert Withdraw product will be able to specify the fees that were assessed on the order.


  • This feature is only offered to Platforms who use Zero Hash Liquidity Services. A future release will be made to open this up to our Trade Settlement (/trades) product.
  • We are adding a new endpoint called POST /convert_withdraw/rfq. It functions the exact same as the GET /convert_withdraw/rfq version. Both of them will continue to be supported indefinitely until stated otherwise. See 1-pager below, section “Flow” to see an example.
  • See dedicated 1-pager here for technical details, use cases, and more.

Action Required

If interested in the feature, please reach out to your Zero Hash representative.

Endpoints Impacted

  • POST /convert_withdraw/rfq
  • GET /trades
  • GET /trade/:trade_id
  • GET /accounts/:account_id/movements