Balance Updates

After receiving the initial-balance message, you will be sent incremental balance-updated messages, which show any balance changes to accounts that meet your subscription criteria.

participant_codeThe code of the participant that owns the accountstring
account_groupThe group that the account is a part ofstring
account_labelThe account label to filter the response bystring
account_typeThe type of account - available, collateral, payable, receivable, or collateral_deficiencystring
assetThe asset code for the specific account, e.g., USDstring
balanceUpdated balance valuestring
run_idA unique ID for the particular runstring
run_typeThe type of runstring
run_timestampTimestamp when the account balance was updatedtimestamp
movements[]An array of movements related to the specific account update.
Refer to the GET /accounts/:account_id/movements section for field definitions in the movements array.