Execution Report (35=8)

In this section, you will find detailed information about the Zero Hash FIX Drop Copy Messages. These messages provide clients with copies of execution reports and other important trading information, facilitating transparency and risk management.

Message Fields

TagField NameRequiredNote
11ClOrdId-Unique identifier of the order copied from customer's request
12Commission-The total amount of commissions associated with the order, rounded to two decimal places using banker's rounding
13CommType-1 = Per Unit
2 = Percent
3 = Absolute
4 = Percentage Waved Cash Discount
5 = Percentage Waved Enhanced Units
6 = Points Per Bond Or Contract
14CumQty-Current executed quantity for chain of orders
17ExecID-Platform assigned execution ID
19ExecRefID-Reference identifier used with Trade Cancel and Trade Correct execution types
22IDSource-Identifies class or source of the SecurityID (48) value. Required if SecurityID is specified
31LastPx-Identifies the price of this (last) fill
32LastQty-Quantity bought/sold on this (last) fill
37OrderID-Unique identifier for Order
38OrderQty-Size of the order. E.G. 10
39OrdStatus-0 = New
1 = PartiallyFilled
2 = Filled
4 = Canceled
5 = Replaced
6 = PendingCancel
8 = Rejected
A = PendingNew
C = Expired
E = PendingReplace
40OrdType-2 = Limit
3 = Stop
4 = Stop Limit
K = Market with left over as Limit
48SecurityID-Symbol of the instrument being traded.
54Side-Side of the order.
1 = Buy
2 = Sell
55Symbol-Symbol of the instrument being traded.
59TimeInForce-Specifies how long the order remains in effect. Absence of this field is interpreted as DAY.
60TransactTime-Time of execution/order creation (UTC Time in datetime format).
99StopPx-Stop Price.
150ExecType-Describes the specific Execution Report (i.e. Pending Cancel) while OrdStatus (39) will always identify the current order status.
151LeavesQty-Quantity open for further execution.
378ExecRestatementReason-The reason an order has been restated.
381GrossTradeAmt-Total amount traded (e.g. CumQty (14) * AvgPx (6) ) expressed in units of currency.
582CustOrderCapacity-Capacity of customer placing the order.
1 = Member trading for their own account
2 = Clearing Firm trading for its proprietary account
3 = Member trading for another member
4 = All other
828TrdType-0 = Regular
880TrdMatchID-Unique identifier assigned by the CLOB
1057AggressorIndicator-Used to identify whether the order initiator is an aggressor or not in the trade.
Y = Order initiator is aggressor
N = Order initiator is passive
Standard Trailer