Login (35=A)

Login for FIX on the Zero Hash CLOB.

The Login message initiates a FIX session between two parties, typically between the client and the server. It is the first message sent in a FIX session to establish communication and session parameters.

Login Parameters

TagField NameRequiredNote
Standard HeaderMsgType = A
98EncryptMethodYesMust be 0
108HeartBtIntYesUsually set to 30 seconds. If not heartbeat sent with the interval specified in this message, Zero Hash will initiate a Test Request. If the client does not respond with a heartbeat after the Test Request the session will be terminated.
141ResetSeqNumFlag-Clients can request to reset their Sequence Number at any time
1137DefaultApplVerIDYesContains the version of the FIX protocol the exchange uses. Only FIX50SP2 is supported. Supported values: 9 = FIX50SP2
Standard Trailer
  • The EncryptMethod field must be set to 0, indicating that no encryption is used.
  • HeartBtInt field specifies the interval in seconds between heartbeat messages. It ensures that the session remains active and helps detect communication failures.
  • ResetSeqNumFlag field allows a party to request a reset of sequence numbers. It's optional and used when synchronization issues arise.
  • DefaultApplVerID field specifies the FIX protocol version used by the sender. Only FIX50SP2 is supported.
8    = FIXT.1.1
9    = 95
35   = A
98   = 0
108  = 30
141  = Y
1137 = 9
10   = 094