Heartbeat (35=0)

Heartbeats for FIX on the Zero Hash CLOB.

This section indicates the message intended to monitor the status of the communications link during periods of inactivity.
The FIX market data accepts and generates Heartbeat messages as per the FIX specification.

  • Inbound: Handled as specified
  • Outbound: In response to a test request or timeout.
  • Response: None

The heartbeat message should be sent if agreed upon Heartbeatinterval has elapsed since the last message sent.

TagField NameRequiredNote
8BeginStringYesMust be set to FIXT.1.1
9BodyLengthYesMessage length in bytes up to the checksum field
35MsgTypeYesMust be set to 0 (Heartbeat)
49SenderCompIDYesProvided by Zero Hash
56TargetCompIDYesStatic value for all sessions. ZERO
34MsgSeqNumYesMonotonically increasing sequence number.
52SendingTimeYesUTC time that the order was sent down to nanosecond resolution.
10CheckSumYesThree byte checksum calculated by summing every byte in the message up to and not including the checksum field itself.