FIX Order Entry

Integration documentation for the CLOB FIX order entry API.

The Order Entry FIX session plays a pivotal role in the Zero Hash ecosystem, enabling participants to submit new orders and receive execution reports swiftly and efficiently. This section provides a detailed overview of the FIX messaging framework within the Order Entry session, elucidating its structure, functionality, and integration nuances.

FIX Message Structure

In the Order Entry FIX session, participants interact with the Zero Hash CLOB using standardized FIX messages. These messages encapsulate crucial order details such as account information, order type, quantity, price, and execution instructions. Each message adheres to the FIX protocol, ensuring consistency and interoperability across trading platforms.

Support and Translation

Zero Hash's FIX Gateway provides robust support for a wide array of FIX messages within the Order Entry session. From submitting new orders to modifying existing ones, the FIX Gateway efficiently processes incoming messages and translates them into actionable instructions within the CLOB environment. Participants can rely on the Gateway's seamless integration capabilities to execute trades swiftly and accurately.

Message Examples

To illustrate the practical application of FIX messaging within the Order Entry session, we provide detailed examples of common order messages and their corresponding execution reports. These examples offer participants valuable insights into the structure and content of FIX messages, empowering them to navigate the order submission process with ease and confidence.

Integration Guidance

Participants interfacing with the Zero Hash CLOB through the Order Entry FIX session will find comprehensive integration guidance tailored to their specific needs. Our documentation offers clear instructions and best practices for initiating new orders, modifying existing ones, and interpreting execution reports. Participants can leverage this guidance to streamline their integration process and optimize their trading activities.