Submit documents

Submits a document on behalf of you or a customer if you operate a platform on Zero Hash.


In order to Authenticate to the document submission endpoint you will need to do the following:

  1. Set your X-SCX-FILE-HASH header to the sha256 hash (in a byte array) of your file contents (base64 encoded).
  2. Make sure to use {} as your body when signing your request. If you use your actual request body to sign you will receive and Invalid Client Signature.
  3. Ensure that your file is not larger than 10mb.
  4. Remember to base64 encode your file before sending it to us.

Document Requirements

The supported MIME types for document submission are application/pdf, image/png,image/jpg and image/jpeg. A valid ID type must be submitted with documents options are:

  • us_drivers_license
  • us_passport
  • us_passport_card
  • us_permanent_resident_card
  • us_border_crossing_card
  • us_alien_card
  • us_id_card
  • non_us_passport
  • non_us_other

Citizenship and Tax ID required validations

citizenship is always a required field, and there are additional validations done on this field.

"United States"tax_id (also known as SSN in the United States) required
  • If tax_id begins with '9', therefore indicating an ITIN, id_number and id_number_type are also required, as ITINs are purely for tax paying purposes rather than identity verification.
  • The submission will fail if tax_id
    • Is not submitted
    • Is not 9 digits long
    • Begins with 000 or 666
    • Is consecutive numbers (e.g. 000000000)
Anything other than "United States"id_number and id_number_type are required; tax_id is not required
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