Standard Header

STP Standard Headers.

TagNameData TypeReq’dDescription
8BeginStringStringYMust be FIXT.1.1 for FIX 5.0 protocol version. Must be the first field in the message.
9BodyLengthLengthYMust be the second field in the message.
35MsgTypeStringYMessage type. Must be the third field in the message.
34MsgSeqNumSeqNumYMessage sequence number.
49SenderCompIDStringYCompany identifier as allocated by Zero Hash.
56TargetCompIDStringYReceiver FIX session identifier. Always SEEDCX.
50SenderSubIDStringNA text field to indicate the name or identifier of the person or entity submitting the trade.
142SenderLocationIDStringNISO identifier of message originator's location.
1128ApplVerIDStringNIndicates the protocol being used in this message. Supported values: 9 = FIX50SP2
57TargetSubIDStringNIdentifies specific trading unit. Conditionally required for Application messages. Always ZERO.
52SendingTimeUTCTimestampYTime of message transmission.
369LastMsgSeqNumProcessedSeqNumNThe last MsgSeqNum (34) value received and processed. Used to detect a backlog.