Trade Capture Report (35=AE)

TagField NameData TypeReq’dDescription
1041FirmTradeIDStringYTrade identifier as allocated by Zero Hash.
856TradeReportTypeIntYThis trade report's type.
Supported values:
0 = Submit
487TradeReportTransTypeIntYThis trade report's transaction type.
Supported values:
0 = New
55SymbolStringYInstrument identifier.
31LastPxPriceYPrice of this trade.
32LastQtyQtyNQuantity bought or sold on this trade.
Required if SettlCurrAmt (119) is not included in side groups.
167SecurityTypeStringYType of security being traded.
Supported values:
SP = Spot
828TrdTypeStringYType of trade.
Supported values:
0 = Regular Trade
1 = Block Trade
1193SettlMethodCharYSettlement method for this trade.
Supported values:
C = Cash
P = Physical
60TransactTimeUTCTimestampYTimestamp of event submitting the trade.
58TextStringNFree format text string.
6761AnonymousCharNWhether identifying information for this trade should be hidden.
Defaults to 'Y' if not provided.