Standard Headers

Standard Headers for FIX on the Zero Hash CLOB.

The FIX standard header comprises essential fields that are present at the beginning of every message in the FIX protocol. These fields are crucial for identifying and routing messages correctly within the FIX ecosystem.

TagField NameRequiredNote
8BeginStringYesMust be set to FIXT.1.1 as this field represents the session version in FIX version 5.0.
9BodyLengthYesMessage length in bytes up to the checksum field, must be the second field in message
35MsgTypeYesThe type of message proceeding the header, must be the third field in the message
49SenderCompIDYesProvided by Zero Hash
56TargetCompIDYesStatic value for all sessions. ZERO
34MsgSeqNumYesMonotonically increasing sequence number
52SendingTimeYesUTC time that the order was sent down to nanosecond resolution in the format e.g. 20230528-07:49:11.843265786.
Zero Hash supports receiving in both millisecond and nanosecond.

These fields, collectively forming the standard header, facilitate proper identification, routing, and sequencing of messages within the FIX protocol.