Supported Message Types

Supported message types on the FIX STP gateway.

Administrative Message

The Zero Hash FIX API supports various administrative message types under the MsgType (35) field, providing essential functionality for establishing and maintaining communication between trading systems. These administrative messages include:

  • Logon (35=A): Initiates a session between the client and the server, facilitating authentication and connection establishment.
  • HeartBeat (35=0): Serves as a periodic check to ensure the connection remains active and responsive, helping to detect and prevent communication issues.
  • TestRequest (35=1): Allows one party to test the responsiveness of the counterparty's trading system by sending a test message and requesting a specific response.
  • ResendRequest (35=2): Enables the retransmission of specific messages from one party to the other, typically used to request missing or out-of-sequence messages for synchronization.
  • Reject (35=3): Indicates that a received message is invalid or cannot be processed, providing details on the reason for rejection and any corrective action required.
  • SequenceReset (35=4): Resets message sequence numbers in the event of a synchronization issue or communication disruption, helping to restore message order and integrity.
  • Logout (35=5): Signals the termination of the session between the client and the server, facilitating graceful disconnection and cleanup of resources.

These administrative message types play a critical role in ensuring the reliability, integrity, and security of communication within the FIX protocol framework, enabling seamless interaction between trading systems while adhering to industry standards and best practices.

Application Message

Application messages play a crucial role in transmitting trade details to the Zero Hash Settlement Service via the FIX STP Gateway. These messages contain essential trade information for settlement processing. The following application message types are supported:

  • TradeCaptureReport (35=AE): Represents a comprehensive report containing trade details, facilitating trade capture and settlement processing.
  • TradeCaptureReportAck (35=AR): Acknowledges the receipt and processing of trade capture reports, ensuring data integrity and synchronization in the settlement process.

These application messages enable efficient trade reporting and settlement processing, ensuring accurate and timely execution of trade transactions on the Zero Hash platform.


Here is a QuickFIX-style data dictionary describing Zero Hash FIX Straight Through Processing messages.