Verification results


Zero Hash delivers KYC results via webhook. To receive these results, Zero Hash requires a return URL where the results can be sent. Currently, these URLs are configured manually by Zero Hash, but a developer interface may be enabled in the future.


Request an overview of reject reasons during implementation

If you are a signed or prospective Zero Hash Platform subscribing to this webhook, you can request the complete list of reject reasons by contacting your Relationship Manager or by emailing [email protected].

Manual Check

If you prefer to manually check the participant status, you can acquire an up-to-date state of the participant by making a GET request to `/participants.


  • We advise against polling as the primary method for obtaining verification results, but rather as a secondary check or failsafe.
  • In case the webhook request fails, Zero Hash will reattempt with an exponential backoff up to 10 times.
  • There is a maximum amount of times a participant can retry a KYC. By default this is set to 3.