Fund Transaction Update

Platform’s leveraging the Fund endpoints can subscribe to webhooks in order to be made aware that a Fund event has completed. This can be used to update internal monitoring tools or to update your user-facing front end.

Once a platform is set up to receive external account status webhooks, the payload is a JSON object containing the following fields:

participant_codeEnd customer's participant codestring
fund_assetThe crypto asset that was sent by the end customer in order to fund an accountstring
rateThe rate at which the fund_asset was liquidated atstring
quoted_currencyThe asset that the provided funding_rate was denominated in, and will ultimately be converted into automatically upon a depositstring
deposit_addressThe address that the end customer deposited the crypto asset tostring
quantityThe amount, denominated in the fund_asset, that was fundedstring
notionalThe amount, denominated in the quoted_currency, that was fundedstring
fund_idThe Zero Hash-generated unique identifier associated with a executed fund eventstring
fund_timestampThe UNIX timestamp of when the fund event was completednumber
transaction_idThe on-chain transaction id associated with the depositstring
account_labelThe account_label where the deposit was credited tostring
successA boolean field to indicate the success of the transactionstring
status_reasonDescription of the fund event statestring


  "participant_code": "CUST01",
  "fund_asset": "USDC",
  "rate": "1",
  "quoted_currency": "USD",
  "deposit_address": "0x3A45a60c635E6cD616B1C4510404Eba88116050C",
  "quantity": "500",
  "notional": "500",
  "fund_id": "5155f7c9-95cb-4556-ab89-c178943a7111",
  "fund_timestamp": 1550174574,
  "transaction_id": "a07407e8f98c21b037b4aa0cbc852b8489c5e122fcc3d4b33b7827d0605ad8ff",
  "account_label": "general",
  "success": true,
  "status_reason" : "deposit above maximum threshold. The deposit has not been converted to fiat and the crypto has been credited to the customer's account"