Acquire Access Token

To invoke the web SDK for crypto buy/sell, crypto withdrawals, and fiat deposit/withdraw, you must request a temporary access token. This should be done in advance of rendering the relevant page. You can obtain an access token by making requests to POST /client_auth_token.

Generating an access token must be initiated on the server side. You must provide a <participant_code> query parameter for the customer who will enter the transaction. This enables Zero Hash to uniquely identify participants and create a tie between our system and yours.

All API requests are authenticated using your signed API key.

Request body:

participant_codeThe unique identifier of the Zero Hash participantstring
permissionsRequired. The experience you are invoking.

- crypto-buy
- crypto-sell
- crypto-withdrawals
- fiat-deposits
- fiat-withdrawals

Request body example:

    "participant_code": "<PARTICIPANT_CODE_HERE>",
    "permissions": [

Additional fields in response:

tokenThe token needed to instantiate the SDKstring

Response example:

  "message": {
      "token": "<JWT_TOKEN_RESPONSE>"