Initial Subscription

Subscription Request

In order to subscribe to the balance feed, a message of type subscribe must be sent.

body{}An object used to restrict what is returned in the subscription. This must be included but can be empty.object
messageTypeSubscription message type -subscribestring
topicTopic to subscribe to -balances for the balance feed. Can be omitted.string
useMultiChainAssetFormatInclude chain in asset names, e.g.AAVE.ETH vs. AAVE for the balance feed. Can be omitted. Default is falseboolean
keyYour public keystring
passphraseYour passphrasestring
timestampTime in seconds since Unix Epochstring
signatureYour hmac signaturestring

Subscription Response

Upon successfully subscribing, you will receive an initial-balance message, which includes a snapshot of all current account balances that meet your subscription criteria.

account_idUnique ID of the specific accountstring
participant_codeThe code of the participant that owns the accountstring
account_groupThe group that the account is a part ofstring
account_labelThe account label to filter the response bystring
account_typeThe type of account - available, collateral, payable, receivable, or collateral_deficiencystring
assetThe asset code for the specific account, e.g., USDstring
balanceThe balance in the accountstring
run_idA unique ID for the particular runint
run_typeThe type of runstring