Getting started with ACH

Zero Hash partners with Plaid to provide bank account verification through a tokenized solution. To kick things off, you need to:

  1. Set up a Plaid production or sandbox account.
  2. Enable Zero Hash as an integration in your Plaid account settings (Developers > Integrations > search for Zero Hash). Your Plaid Account Manager can assist.

If you need an intro to Plaid please contact your Zero Hash relationship manager, who can expedite the agreement process.

The most integral implementation lift is linking the end customer account and exchanging it for a token that is shareable with Zero Hash. This will require a series of Plaid calls* for a platform:

  1. /link/token/create
    1. Plaid's Auth service allows customers to sign in to their bank via the Plaid interface and authorize linking their bank account. This gives you tokenized access to the customer's bank account for debits and credits.
    2. Note: You can also offer manual account linking (account and routing number entry), which can take 1-2 days and requires slight changes to the Auth configuration.
  2. /item/public_token/exchange
  3. /processor/token/create

Once the processor token is created and shared with Zero Hash, via Create external accounts Zero Hash can connect the end customer bank account and initiate transactions.

*The listed calls are the minimum calls required to Plaid. To take advantage of the partnerships, you must contract for balance and identity as well, but Zero Hash can handle the calls.

Adding a bank account is a one-time process for an end customer that verifies account ownership, so it is not something a customer has to do every time they want to initiate an ACH transaction.