Convert and Withdraw

This product allows a platform to convert fiat to crypto and have that crypto automatically and immediately dispersed on-chain. This can be done by hitting only 2 API endpoints.

Use Cases

  • On-ramp provider: Embed your onramp into a non-custodial wallet and allow wallet customers to seamlessly move from fiat to crypto.
  • Crypto Wallet: Build your own onramp experience natively within your app and allow users to buy crypto with fiat.
  • Remittances: Process remittances instantly and more cheaply than traditional rails
  • Payroll: As a payment processor (or a merchant directly), allow full-time employees or freelancers to receive compensation in crypto.
  • B2B Payments: Make payments to other businesses using crypto as the rail (ie, fulfill an invoice).

Key Features

  • Only 2 endpoints are required to convert fiat to crypto and initiate an on-chain withdrawal.
  • Broad asset coverage (see supported Instruments here).
  • Quote length is configurable - we support 5 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes. Contact your Zero Hash rep to be configured accordingly.
  • We conditionally offer 1-1 pricing for USDC transactions.

API Reference