How to add users on your Zero Hash account.

Add Users

Users have the ability to add other users to their account. Navigate to the Portal and click on the Administration top bar item to access the dropdown menu. From the dropdown menu, select Users:

Then click Add User

Enter a name and email address for the user you wish to add. An email will be sent to the email address provided and the user will go through each step beginning with "Users receive sign up email" on the User Setup Flow Chart

My Sign Up link has expired

When a new user signs up via the Sign Up page, or when another user adds you to an existing participant, you will be sent a verification email. The verification link is set to expire after 5 days, so if you miss this email it might time out.

If this happens, please contact support to resend the verification email.

How can I login without my 2 Factor Authentication device?

Use Recovery Code

When creating an account with Zero Hash, all users are given the opportunity to save their 2 Factor Authentication Recovery Code:

  • To use the Recovery Code to reset your 2FA, go to
  • Click Login and enter username and password
  • On the next window, select “Use the recovery code”:
  • Enter the code and proceed to the Portal

Contact Zero Hash Support

In the event that the user;

  1. Does not have access to the Recovery Code.
  2. Has lost the device that they used upon initial user setup.

The Zero Hash Support Team can reset your 2 Factor Authentication account. Please email [email protected]

User Roles

Zero Hash offers various User roles and functional controls that allow customers to configure safeguards as well as establish separation of duties.

Users may have any combination of the following user roles:

  • Admin: admins manage user privileges, fund transfers, fund withdrawals, and API keys for a participant.
  • Trade Submitter: enables a user to submit trades for settlement on Zero Hash.

User Role Summary Table:

ActionAdminTrade Submitter
Sign AgreementsNoNo
Setup / Remove UsersYesNo
Submit TradesNoYes
Create API KeysYesNo
Submit WithdrawalsYesNo
Allowlist Withdrawal AddressYesNo
Retrieve Deposit AddressesYesYes

See below for setting up multiple approver requirements.

Setting up Multiple Approvers

Please note that the default setting is that a single Admin may create a withdrawal account and submit a withdrawal request, i.e. 0 approvals are required from other Admin.

Reach out to [email protected] to establish the requirement for multiple approvers for the following actions:

  • Create API Keys
  • Allowlist Withdrawal Addresses
  • Submit Withdrawals

What’s Next

Setting up User roles.