Account Groups

An account group is a group of asset accounts used for a specific purpose. They are utilized to determine for which purpose the funds in the account have been allocated. Generally, an account group refers to a platform. For example, the group of accounts used in trading on the Zero Hash Liquidity Services platform will have an account_group value of 00SCXM, which is the platform code for Zero Hash Liquidity Services. Similarly, you might have another group of accounts used for trading against a specific dealer, and they would therefore be marked with an account_group value of, for example, ABC123, where ABC123 is the unique code that identifies the dealer's platform. A participant may be provided multiple account groups into which they can allocate funds for settling trades executed across many platforms.

With regard to a specific asset, account groups determine where your funds are allocated, i.e. you might have 100 BTC in total on Zero Hash, with 20 BTC allocated to the 00SCXM account group and 80 allocated to the ABC123 account group.

Account Groups can be best visualized on the Balances page of the portal. Here is an example from the perspective of a participant called "Zodiac Finance".

All account balances related to the OTC Desk 1 (AYQCKI) and Exchange 2 (O1FA74)) will be reflected by their respective rows. The balances associated with the UNALLOCATED Account Group are not assigned to any platform, and offer you the flexibility to allocate when and how you choose.