Reporting Suite

This guide describes the Zero Hash reporting tools available to platforms.

Zero Hash provides a full self-service reporting suite via the Zero Hash portal. Although all data is also accessible via the API, the portal reporting tool allows non-developers to quickly and independently summon .csv files.

Available Reports

Account BalancesView historical balances after movements have occurred
DepositsView all deposits into your Zero Hash account
Network FeesView all network fees for non ERC-20 coins
TradesView all trading activity on your Platform
WithdrawalsView all withdrawals into your Zero Hash account

How to generate reports

  1. Navigate to the Reports section of the portal.

  2. Select a Report to run.

  3. Choose Participant or Platform

    1. Participant: All data downloaded will pertain to your participant

    2. Platform: All data downloaded will pertain to your participant + any customers

  4. Choose a Start and End Date.

    1. Start date and end date can be the same.

    2. Some reports will only have one date option available.

  5. Click 'Generate Report'.

  6. Click Download and the report will appear in the bottom left of the browser.