Account Basics


Not to be confused with the concept of a Participant, an Account is a unique combination of the following fields:

  • participant_code
  • asset
  • account_type
  • account_group
  • account_label

Each account will also have an associated balance, denoted by the amount field and an associated uniqueaccount_id.


Example Payload

      "asset": "USD",  
      "account_owner": "ABC123",  
      "account_type": "available",  
      "account_group": "DEF456",  
      "account_label": "general",  
      "balance": "50000.00",  
      "account_id": "ce819fe8-b1d7-43bb-961c-e09ede0988d3",  
      "last_update": 1554395972174  

Account Creation

When a participant is created for the first time, this participant does not have any accounts by default. Accounts are created when actual asset movements take place. In other words, they are created when you use them. For example, if you deposit BTC, a BTC available account will be created. If you are a counterparty to a trade, an account will be created for the asset that you receive.