Asset Recovery Process


Zero Hash offers the ability to request mis-routed deposits to be recovered and returned to their original users in a centralized location.

With our asset recovery service, platforms can request asset recovery on behalf of their users to be actioned on a best effort basis by the Zero Hash team.


  • Not all mis-routed deposits are recoverable. While our goal is to provide the best user experience possible for our shared customers, and wherever feasible we will attempt recovery, we recommend an extreme level of caution when transposing deposit addresses to avoid any loss of assets.
  • Zero Hash is unable to bridge deposits across other EVM chains or L2 networks. Deposits sent to contracts matching the user’s deposit address on another EVM L1 or L2 network are not recoverable at this time.

How to make a request

For Users

Please raise your asset recovery request to your platform’s Support Team directly. If unable to locate your platform’s contact information, please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can help connect you with their team.

For Platforms

  • Select “Submit a Request” from our support page, and select “Asset Recovery Request” from the drop-down.
  • Enter the requested platform and participant information, using the description field for any additional or relevant information to the recovery request.
  • Our team will review requests on a weekly cadence, and reach out with updates as soon as they’re available.
  • There is a cost associated with recovering lost assets. Please reach out to your relationship manager for more details.