Fund with Stablecoins

Fund with Stablecoins enables platforms to allow their end customers to fund their account using stablecoins as the rail. Stablecoin deposits are automatically converted to USD, allowing platforms to instantly recognize a credit to the customer's balance. This is an alternative funding mechanism that can live side-by-side next to card, wire, ACH, etc.

Use Cases

  • Investment platforms: Platforms that allow other businesses to fundraise or ones that allow their end customers to contribute to investment funds can leverage Fund with Stablecoins to provide an additional funding option.
  • Trading account funding: Trading platforms that offer equity or CFD trading can place the "Fund with Stablecoin" option next to Wire and ACH to allow their end customers to increase their trading power more efficiently.
  • Neobanks and digital wallets: Money apps can increase assets on the platform, thus increasing overall engagement by activating Fund with Stablecoins.
  • Any platform that requires users to fund their account: This new funding method is applicable to any platform with end retail customers who need to fund their account in order to trade, invest, or subsequently purchase a good or service.

Key Features

  • Available anytime: 24/7/365 instant account funding
  • Lightning fast: Transactions settle within minutes, easily meeting new t+1 settlement requirements
  • Eliminate chargebacks: Irreversible transactions remove chargeback risk
  • Globally accessible: Onboard customers globally and eliminate FX losses
  • Cheaper: Transfer fees are cheaper than ACH, Card, Wire, and Swift transactions

API Reference

  • POST /participants/customers/new
    • All end customers who use this product must agree to specific terms and conditions. This is reflected in the API via a new signed_agreement type, fund_auto_convert.
  • POST /fund/rfq
    • Retrieve a quote for a fund event. If a deposit address does not already exist for the participant_code and asset provided, a new one will be created.
  • GET /fund/transactions
    • Retrieve all fund events.
  • GET /assets
    • There is a new field (fund_enabled). A value of true indicates that the asset is supported for Fund with Stablecoins. Supported assets and network for this launch:
      • USDC.AVAX
      • USDC.ETH
      • USDC.SOL
  • Fund Webhook
    • A subscription can be configured to subscribe to the “fund complete” webhook event.