Withdrawal API Response Field Interpretation

Platform's can use the GET /withdrawals/requests and GET /withdrawals/requests/:id endpoint to consume important information related to fiat or crypto withdrawals. See below use cases to see what fits your Zero Hash integration:

Use Cases

Has the balance been deducted from the Zero Hash ledger?

Use the status field. Options:

  • PENDING_TRADE: This is a status that is specific to a single use case: Convert and Withdrawal. If a withdrawal is in this state, it means that there is an associated trade that has not terminated. Once terminated, the withdrawal will automatically flip to subsequent statuses.
  • PENDING: The request has been created and is pending approval from users. Not relevant for some use cases. If configured for 0 withdrawal approvals required, the withdrawal instantly goes into an APPROVED state.
  • APPROVED: The request is approved but not settled.
  • REJECTED: The request is rejected and in a terminal state.
  • SETTLED: The funds have been deducted from the participant.

Has the withdrawal has been confirmed on-chain (crypto)

Use the on_chain_status field. Options:

  • PENDING: The withdrawal has been broadcasted on-chain but is not yet confirmed
  • CONFIRMED: The withdrawal has been sufficiently confirmed on-chain according to our confirmation thresholds, which can be viewed here in Confirms column here.

What is the on-chain transaction hash?

Use the transaction_id field.

How can I determine the network fee paid for the on-chain movement?

Use the fee_amount field.

How are the results sorted?

Results in the response are sorted by requested_timestamp with the largest and most recent value at the top.