Tax Overview

As a committed provider for crypto's current and future infrastructure, Zero Hash is proud to offer a Tax as a Service (TaaS) product to Platforms.

Crypto tax: what are my responsibilities?

  • A taxable event is any action or transaction that may result in taxes owed to the government.
    • Information such as transaction dates, the assets Fair market value {FMV} at time of purchase and sale that are related to the taxable event are required to be reported to the IRS by individuals.
      • See "What Constitutes a Taxable Event" for more information.
  • To aid end users in their personal tax compliance and to comply with federal law tax forms may be provided to users who have transactions exceeding certain thresholds.
    • See "What Tax Form(s) Might I Receive?" for details on US tax forms.

Zero Hash tax for business

At Zero Hash, compliance is always our number one priority. As such, we provide a full tax-as-a-service suite of products for all of your reporting needs. Whether you’re enabling your customers to buy/sell, issuing crypto rewards or even paying your employees in crypto, we’ve got you covered.

Zero Hash tax for consumers

If you engaged in qualifying transactions on a platform that uses our TaaS product, and met the required thresholds to receive a tax form, the relevant forms will be delivered to you.

Disclaimer: This article is intended to provide basic, helpful information surrounding crypto taxes, and does not serve as formal legal or tax advice. Zero Hash and its affiliates do not provide legal, financial, or tax advice. Please consult a professional financial advisor if you have additional questions surrounding how to properly record and report your crypto activity. Zero Hash’s Tax as a Service Product is only available to end users if the platform through which the end user is using the Zero Hash crypto services enables the tax services.