Build low-code integrations with the Zero Hash SDK, which centers on front end experiences.

Zero Hash has a variety of API endpoints across many use cases. The SDK is perfect for platforms seeking a low-code implementation that gets customers transacting faster, while platforms remain 100% compliant with Zero Hash regulatory requirements.

Use Cases

  • Onboard customers: End customers onboard through a Zero Hash designed and compliance approved KYC flow to be automatically verified and enabled to transact (if approved).
  • Withdraw crypto: End customers can withdraw held assets to an external wallet, with all required disclosures and agreements embedded in the user interface. General release June 2024
  • Deposit and withdraw USD via ACH: After bank accounts are connected with the platform, end customers can deposit USD for crypto buys, and withdraw USD directly to and from bank accounts. General release June 2024
  • Buy and sell crypto: End customers can use their USD balance to buy and sell any asset supported by Zero Hash. Compliance requirements, like jurisdictional rules, are embedded in the flow, leaving less operational overhead for platforms. General release June 2024

Key Features

  • Embedded user agreements: Zero Hash has front end requirements in any transactional flow. The SDK inherently embeds and updates these requirements, removing the need for platform scheduled work.
  • Regulatory requirements covered: Asset availability varies jurisdiction by jurisdiction. The SDK intelligently surfaces allowable assets and regions to create a seamless user experience.
  • Lowered risk exposure: End customers interact directly with Zero Hash via the SDK, meaning platforms do not have to handle sensitive customer information.
  • Customizable experience: Fonts and colors are customizable so the SDK can fit into existing
  • Notifications along the way: Webhooks keep platforms updated about onboarding and transaction status changes so platform interfaces can properly reflect every stage of the experience.

API Reference

Why Choose Us?

At Zero Hash, we're committed to taking a compliance-first approach to protect platforms and their end customers. The SDK offers a pre-approved user experience that adheres to all levels of regulatory requirements, empowering platforms to get to market quickly and securely.

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