Participant Statuses

Participant Status Definitions

SubmittedSuccessfully submitted to <POST /participants/customers/new> and given a participant code, but has not yet been approved to transact.
Pending approvalParticipant code and relationships created, but the participant requires further review by the Zero Hash compliance team before moving to approved or rejected. Most often due to customer verification (KYC) alerts.
ApprovedParticipant code and relationships created and the participant passes necessary approvals to transact.
RejectedParticipant rejected from becoming an active user; most often due to customer verification (KYC) failures.
LockedInvestigative state for the Zero Hash compliance team.
Pending unlockInvestigations conclude the participant may remain active on Zero Hash. Only available from Get participants, not via webhook.
Pending disableInvestigations conclude the participant should be indefinitely banned from Zero Hash. Only available from Get participants, not via webhook.
DisabledIndefinitely banned from Zero Hash, but balances may exist in the participant account. Zero Hash settlement team will divest existing balances.
DivestedIndefinitely banned from Zero Hash and participant balances were moved back to the platform float.
ClosedIndefinitely banned from Zero Hash and no balances remained at the time of ban

Participant Reason Codes and Request Availability

Reason CodeDefinitionRequest Availability
user_requestlockedClosing only (sell/withdraw)
user_requestpending_disableClosing only (sell/withdraw)
risk_clearedpending_unlockNone - the cleared risk still needs to be approved