Request For Quote (RFQ)

Welcome to the Zero Hash Request for Quote (RFQ) system. Designed to provide traders with the ability to get a quote for the conversion of an asset and execute the quote. The Zero Hash RFQ system offers reliability, deep liquidity pools and best price executions across some of the biggest LP's in the market.

Use Cases

  • Neobanks: Offer a simple buy/sell/hold crypto product to your customers.
  • Brokerages: Brokerage platforms targeting retail investors and traders can integrate to our RFQ system to enhance their order execution capabilities and expand their product offerings.
  • Roundups: Allow customers to invest spare change into crypto as a passive investing strategy.
  • General Liquidity Purposes: Platforms can buy and sell crypto for their own needs, rather than using a separate exchange.
  • High-Volume Trading Desk Integration: A platform catering to high-volume traders, such as institutional investors or hedge funds, may integrate with our RFQ system to facilitate large-scale transactions efficiently.

Key Features

  • Multiple Expiry Times: With our RFQ system, traders have the flexibility to choose from multiple expiry times, including 5, 10, and 30 seconds. Whether you're executing short-term trades or implementing longer-term strategies, our platform caters to your specific trading preferences and timeframes.
  • Multiple Liquidity Providers (LPs): Zero Hash manages LP relationships so you don't have to. We have integrated with some of the biggest LP's in the market to ensure quality pricing.
  • Price Protection: Zero Hash employs price band protections to ensure quality of our quotes. We aim to deliver the best price quality to our clients and reject quotes that fall outside of our bands.
  • Customizable Trading Experience: Tailor your trading experience to meet your unique requirements with our customizable RFQ platform.
  • Redundancy: Benefit from the redundancy provided by multiple liquidity providers, reducing the risk of downtime or disruptions in trade execution.
  • Compliance: Rest assured knowing that our RFQ system complies with industry regulations and best practices, ensuring a secure and compliant trading environment. For more information on Zero Hash's licensing, check out our policies & disclosures.

API Reference

In Zero Hash, we use our RFQ system as the heart of our conversion engine. The RFQ system is utilized on the following endpoints;

RFQ Flow

Sample Code

How to request a quote from our /liquidity/ endpoint.

Support and Resources