Trade-related States

Trade States

Trades have three possible states:

AcceptedThe transaction has been received by Zero Hash.
ActiveZero Hash has attempted to settle the transaction but was unable to.
TerminatedThe transaction is in a terminal state, and has a settlement_state of either settled or defaulted. settled means the trade has fully settled, and each counterparty has been credited with the funds that were owed to them. defaulted means that the trade could not be settled by the expiry time and is deemed in default.

Liquidity Execution States

Endpoints POST /liquidity/execute and POST /convert_withdraw/execute have a single possible state:

CompletedThis is an execution confirmation status. It means that the liquidity execution is completed successfully. You can use GET/trades after to check the settlement status once you see the 'Completed' status.

Reward or Award API Endpoints

Endpoints POST /rewards and POST /awards/fund

CompletedThe reward or award transaction has settled.