Safely onboard customers to crypto services using a pre-built and Zero Hash managed KYC service.

Use Cases

  • Out-of-the-box KYC service: Zero Hash embeds all compliance and regulatory requirements in the KYC flow so platforms can fully focus on acquiring new customers. Manual reviews are handled by the Zero Hash compliance team.
  • Sensitive data handling: Sensitive customer information, like date of birth, address, SSN, and ID information are captured directly by Zero Hash so platforms do not need to custody that data.
  • Faster time to live: KYC is a low-code option that ensures platforms get live quickly and require low maintenance throughout, as new or evolving onboarding requirements are inherently added to the experience.

Key Features

  • Required data collection: All information that must be verified is asked for. Zero Hash never requires more information than necessary.
  • Intelligent fallback options: Zero Hash attempts to verify the customer with only required information. If results are inconclusive, we automatically request more information to increase potential for higher approval rates.
  • Customizable screens: Update colors and fonts to match existing user experiences.

Implementation details

  1. Acquire an onboarding access token
  2. NPM package available here: https://www.npmjs.com/package/zh-web-sdk?activeTab=readme
  3. Subscribe to participant status webhooks: Participant status updates

Experience sample

Embedded user agreements

Information collection

Document capture when required

Results shared