Trade Settlement

Simplify and streamline your post-trade processes with Zero Hash's comprehensive settlement solutions. Our platform offers seamless integration, robust infrastructure, and advanced tech to facilitate efficient settlement of digital asset trades.

Use Cases

  • On-ramp: First source liquidity outside of Zero Hash, then drop in trades for regulated settlement

Key Features

  • Regulatory umbrella: Zero Hash is a registered Money Service Business and FX Dealer with FinCEN, and money transmitter in 31 of the largest states across the U.S. This infrastructure can be leveraged by participants uninterested in the regulatory investment and resulting overhead.
  • Reporting: Platforms can query historical trade data via API or the Client Portal
  • Delivery versus Payment (DVP) Settlement: Our settlement system will not settle trades until both side have fulfilled their trade obligations, eliminating counterparty risk
  • Full-service Onboarding: Leverage Zero Hash's legal and compliance team to compliantly onboard trading counterparties

API Reference

Sample Code

Review our code recipe for more insight on trade submission to the POST /trades endpoint .